Spring19 – End-of-semester reminders

Reminders about what’s left to do this semester:

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Spring19 – Hootsuite certification extra credit

You may receive 10 extra-credit bonus points if you complete the free Hootsuite Platform Training and pass the Hootsuite Platform Certification exam (score of 75% or better) before Monday, May 6.

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Spring19 – Strategy and Critique Part 2


The two-part Social Media Strategy and Critique assignment asks you to research an organization’s social media content and intended audience, evaluate its social media presence and make suggestions for improvement.

In Part 2, due Monday, May 6, you will evaluate the organization’s usage of two social media platforms, compose a memo to the organization suggesting ways in which it can improve its social media presence, and create some sample social media content for the organization.

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Spring19 – Challenge 6 (Instagram)

This challenge must be completed and the video uploaded no later than 5 p.m. Friday, April 19.


You will create a mock Instagram Story containing a sequence of photos and videos with accompanying text to promote or publicize some aspect of the Communication/Journalism Department. Assume that you are posting to the C/J Department’s Instagram account.

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Spring19 – If you’re having WordPress toolbar troubles

For those of you who were having trouble in class seeing all of the buttons in the WordPress toolbar, I think I’ve figured out the problem. WordPress appears to be phasing in a new text editor called the “block editor.” It has a different look and feel. You need to restore the old classic editor. Here’s how:

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