Spring19 – Reminders about upcoming assignments

Several assignments will be due over the next few weeks. Make sure to stay on top of them:

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Spring19 – If you’re having WordPress toolbar troubles

For those of you who were having trouble in class seeing all of the buttons in the WordPress toolbar, I think I’ve figured out the problem. WordPress appears to be phasing in a new text editor called the “block editor.” It has a different look and feel. You need to restore the old classic editor. Here’s how:

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Spring19 – Challenge 4 (Blogging #2)

This challenge is due by 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 20.


For this challenge, you will create a blog post with a search engine optimized headline. The blog post must include at least one hyperlink, an appropriate image (one that does not violate copyright laws and is properly credited), at least two subheads, bullet points and a call to action.

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Spring19 – Strategy and Critique Part 1


The two-part Social Media Strategy and Critique assignment asks you to research an organization’s social media content and intended audience, evaluate its social media presence and make suggestions for improvement.

In Part 1, due Wednesday, April 3, you will research the organization and its audience, create a buyer (audience) persona, interview a member of the organization who is familiar with its social media usage, and conduct a social media audit.

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Spring19 – Case Study Presentation


Groups of three students will select a case study in which social media tools were used by communication professionals and/or the public in ways that raised questions or controversy. Each group will give an 8- to 12-minute presentation to the class that summarizes the case, analyzes the (in)effectiveness and (in)appropriateness of the usage of social media, and identifies lessons the case teaches us about best and worst social media practices.

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Spring19 – Important reminders

Some reminders:

  • Complete the assignment that took the place of our Wednesday class meeting. It is posted to the D2L site in a special Content folder called “Online Class for 2-20-19” and must be completed by the end of the day Sunday (Feb. 24). First, you will answer some quiz questions about three videos (which are embedded within the quiz). Then you will use an online tool to create a sample buyer persona and upload the pdf of your sample buyer persona to a D2L Assignment submission folder. The assignment will be graded and is worth up to 18 points.
  • Complete the assigned readings for Monday’s class (Week 6 readings on “Finding the right voice, tone and writing style”) and take reading Quiz 5 before 4 p.m. Monday (Feb. 25).

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